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Walk-in wellness program


Walk-in wellness program

Today, Americans are more health-conscious more aware of their own bodies, and more knowledgeable about physical health and illness in general. Skiff Medical Center offers a program where an individual can come to the laboratory and receive wellness screens without a physician's written order. Walk-in wellness allows the public to manage their health and health concerns. Testing is not meant as a substitute for regular medical care; it is a quick, easy and inexpensive way for people to receive test results.

The tests offered include:

Hematology Wellness $15
• White Blood Count
• Red Blood Count and Indices
• Hemoglobin
• Hematocrit
• Platelet Count
• White Blood Cell Differential (Checks for anemia, infections)

Basic Metabolic Panel* $25
• Sodium
• Potassium
• Chloride
• Carbon Dioxide
• Glucose
• Blood Urea Nitrogen
• Creatinine
• Calcium
• Anion Gap

Sed rate $10

Lipid Panel* $20
• Triglyceride
• Cholesterol
• Glucose
• HDL Cholesterol
• LDL Cholesterol (Calc)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel* $30
Includes a basic metabolic profile, a lipid panel plus:
• Albumin
• Alkaline Phosphatase
• Total Bilirubin
• Total Protein

Urinalysis $15

TSH (Thyroid) $15

Free T4 (Thyroid) $15

ALT $10

AST $10

Hemoglobin A1c $15

Glycohemoglobin (Diabetes)

PSA (Prostate Cancer) $20

Iron and Iron Binding (Anemia) $30

Vitamin B12 (Anemia) $25

Folate (Anemia) $25

Ferritin (Anemia) $25

Uric Acid (Gout) $10

Vitamin D $55
Vitamin D deficiency may lead to  a variety of disorders,such as osteoporosis.

Blood Type $20
• ABO Type
• RH Type

Fecal Occult Blood $35
Checks for human blood in patient stool samples which is an early indication of lower gastrointestinal bleeding, polyps, or colorectal cancer.

*Individual should be fasting. Fasting, for the laboratory, means no solid or liquid food for 12 hours and no alcohol 24 hours prior to specimen collection. Water should be taken in normal amounts. Continue your medications as directed by your provider.

Skiff Medical Center
204 N. 4th Ave. E., Newton, IA  50208
Test Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• A physician’s order is not required for these tests.
• Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• The customer, if 18 or older, or parent/legal guardian if the person under age 18, consents to take responsibility for the follow up of abnormal results.
• Payment in cash, check or credit card must be received at the time of service. Your insurance will not be billed.
• The results will be sent directly to you within one week of collecting the specimen. You are encouraged to share these results with your health care provider.
• Contact Skiff Medical Center Lab if you have any questions.

Skiff Medical Center
204 N. 4th Ave E.
Newton, Iowa 50208
Phone: (641) 792-1273
Toll-free: (888) 792-1273

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